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Internet protocol address displays your IP address in IPV4 and IPV6. When you want to know what my IP address is there is no better place. All computers on the internet have an IP address. It is how you are identified around the internet. Originally the internet was designed with a trust first perspective. That is why when you open a website your computer sends all this information.

We show you some of the things that are available to any website you visit. Such as your location, browser headers, and more. There is a lot that can be figured out from your IP address. Most of the time it is simply used to debug. Other times though it lets the server you are visiting information you might not want them to see. This is why VPN's and Proxys exist.

Either way, we hope you enjoy and tell your friends and if you have any questions please feel to contact us.

Lastly we have an API if you want to build an application with our API. It is completely free. And below is some IPV6 information from google showing the adoption rate of the new way to connect the internet.

IPv6 adoption

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